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About the Journal   

Title: VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia]

The  Journal of VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical publication that regularly publishes research by the scientific community of victimologists on topical issues of victimology.  Journal of VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] is the leading national scientific journal in the field of research on the victimization of modern society. The  Journal of VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] publishes scientific articles containing the results of victimological research, as well as the results of the study of victimization society; scientific materials on the problems of criminal justice and support for victims of crime, as well as victimological studies of the individual in the field of social science, psychological and other scientific area. 

The Journal of VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications. PI № FS 77 – 86686 from 22.01.2024.

ISSN 2411-0590 (Print)    ISSN 2782-277X (Online)

Published since 2014

Languages: Russian, English.

 VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] is an Open Access journal.

The journal is availabe both in print (ISSN  2411-0590) and in electronic (е-ISSN 2782-277X) version.

Published 4 times a year Subscription index: 94268 catalog Ural-Press (Russia)

Founder: Escuela LLC (Chelyabinsk, Russian)

Publisher: Escuela LLC (Chelyabinsk, Russian), Chelyabinsk State University Press (Chelyabinsk, Russian)

Editor:  Andrey V. Mayorov, Doctor of Law Science, Professor (Associate)


The main headings of VICTIMOLOGY:

Theory of the Doctrine of the Victim of Crime
Crime Victim Legislation
Victimological aspects of Crime (Victimology of Crime)
Victimological Prevention (Victimization Prevention)
Personality and Crime
Victim of Crime
Criminological Victimology
Psychology of Criminal Behavior
Psychology of Victim Behavior
Professional Victimization
Psychological Foundations of Delinquency Prevention
Criminal Law and Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention
Current and Cross-sectoral Research
Foreign Experience
Scientific Event

The Journal of VICTIMOLOGY [Viktimologia] included in the list of peer-reviewed publications of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The headings of the Journal cover the following Scientific Specialties:

Law Sciences;
Psychological Sciences.

The purpose of the journal is to publish articles reflecting the results of original open research work in the field of victimology, to maintain and popularize this scientific field in the publishing environment, and to provide an open scientific controversy, contributing to the quality of scientific research, within its thematic focus.
The journal intends to publish scientific materials of scientists, teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, leading experts on the subject of scientific publications, as well as practicing lawyers, sociologists and psychologists.

Journal Indexing:

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- Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
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The idea of the project and its implementation belongs to Andrey V. Mayorov