IV International Scientific and Practical Conference in absentia Protection of Victims of Crime in Modern Society (PVCMS 2021)


IV International Scientific and Practical Conference in absentia "Protection of Victims of Crime in Modern Society"(PVCMS 2021), which will be held on February 22-23, 2021.

We welcome the submission of research papers related to the following topics:
1. Victims of Crimes and Other Offences.
2. Victimisation of the Modern Society.
3. Victimological Preventive.
4. Problems of legal Protection of Victims of Crime.
5. Victim's Advocate.
6. Criminal Justice.
7. Advocacy of Crime Victims.
8. Children Victims of Crime.
9. Victims of Armed Conflicts.
10. Prosecutorial supervision in the field of Ensuring the rights of the Victim of Crime.
11. International Legislation and Victims’ Rights.
We also welcome works of other topics within the framework of the general scope of the conference.

To participate in the conference, please fill in and send the preliminary registration form and submit your paper to the following email: victimologiy@mail.ru. Submissions violating paper submission guidelines will not be considered.
Registration and Paper Submission Deadline is February 10, 2021.

For undergraduate and graduate students the reference of the research advisor is required (a scanned copy or a photograph of the signed reference is to be sent as an attached file).

Accepted papers will be recommended for publishing in the “Victimology” scholarly journal indexed in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) (ISSN 2411-0590).

Paper submission guidelines

All papers should be 5 to 15 pages in size, MS Word, .rtf, Times New Roman, font size 14, 3 cm margin on the left, 2 cm on each other side, line space 1.5. References should be included in the main text of the paper in square brackets, indicating the order in which they appear in the text and page number, e.g. [1. p. 32].
First and last names, academic degree, academic rank (if any), affiliation, e-mail of the author (as well as of the research advisor, if any), are to be written in the upper- right corner, right alignment.
Below, after a single line space, is a headline in capital letters, center alignment.
Below, after a single line space, is an abstract (100 to 150 words).
Below, after a single line space, are key words (5 to 7 words).
Reference list is given at the end of the paper under the headline References. Figures, graphs and schemes relevant to the content are allowed. Pages are not to be numbered.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure your paper is reviewed. Once submitted, the paper cannot be withdrawn.

The conference programme, as well as the electronic version of the conference proceedings, will be available on the conference website. For access to the electronic resources visit www.victimolog.ru (access to be provided as a follow-up to the conference).

Editorial Board of scientific and practical journal “Victimology” [Russian Journal of Victimology]
Editor  Andrey V. Mayorov
E-mail: victimologiy@mail.ru