On the Issue of the Applied Orientation of Criminological and Victim-ological Theory, Victimological Prevention in the Broad Sense

  • Р.А. Базаров Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation
Keywords: criminology, victimology, scientific works, crime rate, crime trends, victimologi-cal prophylaxis in the broad sense, schoolchildren, basics of life safety


In the article we carried out a comparative analysis, on the one hand, of the tendencies of criminality for the period of 1961-2022 in Russia (RSFSR, RF) with the use of such relatively objective indicator as the crime rate, which shows the number of registered crimes per 100 thousand. On the other hand - the total volume of theoretical works, including criminology and victimology published by scientists and scientific-pedagogical workers. Comparison of the above mentioned data testifies that at the background of growth of the volume of multimillion publications of the results of scientific researches in different directions (branches) of science, including the publications on the problems of criminological, including victimological prevention of crime, for the analyzed period the crime rate in Russia increased by three times - from 440 crimes per 100 thousand. The article also examines the issue of victimology prevention in the broad sense, specific suggestions for improving the educational work with children and teenagers in the general educational organizations in the teaching of the subject «The Basic Safety of Life».


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Author Biography

Р.А. Базаров, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation

R.A. Bazarov, Doctor of Law Sciences, Professor


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