Countering Negative Social Engineering Techniques

  • А.В. Черецких Tyumen Institute of Advanced Training of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Keywords: social engineering techniques, modern threats to information security, suppression of social engineering


The article reveals the issues of counteraction, prevention and suppression of destructive methods of social engineering in the sphere of information-telecommunication interaction. The techniques and methods of destructive social engineering that are currently widespread are considered. The available ways of counteraction and prevention of the negative influence of social engineering are analyzed, reasonable conclusions about the effectiveness of these methods are presented. The ways of solving the problems identified in the course of the study, namely, the methods of suppression (eradication) of negative methods of social engineering are proposed. The conclusions presented in the article have practical significance, which consists in the fact that the provisions and recommendations formulated in them can be used to justify proposals to improve the legislative framework in the field of suppression, prevention and prophylaxis of crimes committed with the use of information and telecommunication technologies.


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