Criminal Victimization of Minors in the Russian Federation: State, Structure, Trends

(Results of Statistical Observation)

Keywords: victim, juvenile victim, juvenile victimology, criminal victimization, child criminal mortality, child criminal traumatism


On the basis of official statistical data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for 2009-2022 the statistical measurement of criminal victimization of minors is carried out. The state, structure and trends of criminal victimization of minors are established, taking into account its quantitative and qualitative indicators. The tendency of growth of criminal victimization of minors, change of its structure towards feminization, increase of the most dangerous consequences - child criminal mortality and child criminal traumatism is noted. The main types or groups of crimes are defined, as a result of which minors are more often harmed than others: non-payment of child support, beatings, thefts, violent acts of sexual nature and motor vehicle crimes.

Author Biography

П.А. Кабанов, Kazan Innovative University V.G. Timiryazov (IEUP), Kazan, Russia

P. A. Kabanov, Doctor of Law Science, Associate Professor, Professor of Department of Criminal Law and Procedure


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