Factors of Victimization in the Juvenile Period: Problems of Socialization of Children and Adolescents in the Context of Digital Changes

Keywords: socialization, digital socialization, victimization, juvenile period, risks of victimization


The article is devoted to the problem of digital socialization of modern children and adolescents. The focus of the study is on the factors of victimization in the juvenile period. The advantages of digitalization in the juvenile period are considered: expansion of space for cognitive research, educational, communicative activity, realization of creative abilities, professional self-determination. The changes in the social situation of the development of modern children and adolescents caused by digital transformations are revealed: early Internet initiation; active and spontaneous development of digital tools by children; information abundance; reduction of the time of direct communication of children with the family; hyper-connectivity; multitasking; blurring of the boundaries between the perception of real and virtual spaces. The main risks of victimization in the juvenile period are systematized: communication, electronic, content, consumer, addictive. The effects and consequences of the influence of digital technologies on the development of modern children and adolescents are highlighted: cognitive changes, physical and mental health problems, spiritual and moral deformations, violations of interpersonal communication and behavior (aggressive, suicidal, addictive tendencies).


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Author Biography

Е.С. Фоминых, Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Orenburg, Russia

E. S. Fominykh, Candidate of Psychology Sciences, Associate Professor, Special Psychology Department.


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