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The ERIH PLUS Index was created to increase the openness and accessibility of leading European research in the humanities. The journals included in the ERIH PLUS monitoring system meet the strict European requirements for scientific publications. Inclusion of our publication in the ERIH PLUS index allows researchers around the world to use scientific materials published in the Journal of Victimology, and will also increase the citation rate of the authors of the journal in scientific publications of scientists from different countries.


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Current Issue

Vol 11 No 1 (2024): VICTIMOLOGY
Журнал Виктимология #1/2024

ISSN 2411-0590(Print)    ISSN 2782-277X(Online)
Journal VICTIMOLOGY a peer-reviewed scientific periodical. The purpose of the journal is to publish scientific articles in the field of victimology, to develop an interdisciplinary approach of the doctrine of victim, to maintain and popularize the science, as well as to discuss current issues and problems of ensuring the protection of victims of crime, the implementation of criminal justice and respect for the rights of victims of crime in Russia. The mission of the journal is to promote the dissemination of new knowledge in the field of victimology.

Published: 2024-02-04

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The  Journal of Victimology [Viktimologia]
is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical publication that regularly publishes research by the scientific community of victimologists on topical issues of victimology.  Journal of Victimology [Viktimologia] is the leading national scientific journal in the field of research on the victimization of modern society. The Journal of Victimology [Viktimologia] publishes scientific articles containing the results of victimological research, as well as the results of the study of victimization society; scientific materials on the problems of criminal justice and support for victims of crime, as well as victimological studies of the individual in the field of social science and psychological science.
Editor-in-chief: Andrey V. Mayorov 
Published 4 times a year

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